In the Zone...the Scrabble zone

We've mentioned before that we love playing different board games, and we still do. A few weeks ago, for our date night, we pulled out our beloved game of Scrabble to enjoy. Now, we both like word games, and although Brianna is the better speller, Andrew almost always wins when we play Scrabble. We are pretty evenly matched in Boggle, Quiddler, PDQ, and a lot of other word games that we have and that most people have never heard of.

But, on this night...Brianna was the champion. And it was all because of one word. And it was a good word...with a lot of points. So good, that we documented it.

Zoned. What a word. A word worth 75 points! It was a double letter score on the z, and thanks to the d, I got a triple word score. Not bad, considering the score word right before it gave me 5 points.

All in all, it was a great game. I actually only beat Andrew by 20 points, but we had some great words and covered the board. We were pretty impressed with ourselves.

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