Pinewood Derby

A few weeks ago, we went to the Pinewood Derby. In case you didn't know, we love Pinewood Derbies, and we love making our own cars to race in an open class race. I actually just realized we didn't ever post a picture of all our cars, just the making of some. So, here are all our cars. The two front ones (Lightning Bolt and my awesome green-striped race car) were the ones we did in 2010. We need to go through our pictures and find some better ones where you can see them on their own because they are awesome! Seriously, all the cub scouts are impressed when we show up with these.

But, since our last car making days, we've moved twice, and neither ward has done an open class race. It is a little disappointing, but we figured, the race is still fun  to watch and we thought Jessica would think so too. We were right.

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