Introducing Baby Jessica!

Jessica Nicole

the most beautiful girl in the world!

born July 4th

3:49 pm

7 lbs, 8 oz - 20 inches long

We are so grateful for her birth mom and birth family! We love them so much! Our lives have been greatly blessed by adoption!

More details will come later.


Girl's Camp

Where have we been? Well, things have been busy! This is Brianna, and about 5 or 6 weeks ago, I got a new calling...Assistant Stake Girl's Camp Director. The catch? Girl's Camp was only 3 weeks away! It was a crazy few weeks, and the week of camp was even crazier, although it was also a lot of fun!

Girl's Camp was from June 15 to June 19, at Camp Batel in Wyoming. It is pretty high in the mountains, so although some days were warmer, that meant in the upper 70s and maybe 80s. Nights were in the 40s and I was getting cold! I loved it! I wish I could transport some of that weather here right now.

Anyway, camp was busy! The first few days I felt like I was running around a lot to try to get everywhere I needed to be, but then, on Wednesday I went on an overnight hike with the 4th year girls, and got a little bit of a break. The only time I took pictures was on that hike; I kept forgetting to pull out my camera. But the area we hiked in was beautiful! At times it was so green and there were so many trees it reminded me of Washington!

We got back Thursday from the hike, and I actually had to leave the next morning, but everyone else had another day. It was a great adventure, and I loved getting to know the girls from our ward better. They are so fun! But once again, I learned that camping can really wear you out, especially when you don't sleep well. I didn't get much sleep at night probably due to the thin foam pad I was laying on, but I slept great for the next few days at home! I love my bed...and showers!

Below are some of the pictures from the hike. Remember, this was in Wyoming...amazing, huh?

I wish this was my backyard.

That is me...one of the only pictures of me. And no, I am not wearing a sash...I had a red shirt on, and I brought a red sweatshirt. I just really liked red that day.

This is Wyoming??

Where I slept...for one night. The other nights they had huge tents that are always up for the campers. This is Andrew's birthday tent that he let me use. It worked great!