Game Time!

Have you ever heard of the game UpWords? If you have, maybe you have seen it in your parent's game closet, tucked way in the back with a little dust on it. Or, maybe you found it at a thrift store like us! We really like word games (Scrabble, Boggle, Razzle, and Option) and even though this one isn't our favorite word game, it had been awhile since we played it, so we dusted it off last night. It was fun! And Andrew won...with a score of 167 to Brianna's 160. If only I could have played that "J!" We do have a lot of games and we love playing them! Over the last (almost) five years of marriage, we've slowly and steadily acquired many games to add to our collection. Nearly all of them have been purchased at a thrift store, which is a great way to go! Instead of paying $15-$25 for a game, we've payed anywhere from 25 cents to $4...and we know it works! Note to self: if you are going to try this tactic, plan a little extra time at the thrift store to play this game to make sure all the pieces are there. Actually, we just rip off the tape, open it up, and see if it looks like the pieces are all there, and call it good. When we were first married and on a limited budget, our date night would go something like this. We have $5 to spend...go to Del Taco and buy five tacos or go to D.I. (a local thrift store) and buy a game we've never heard of and play it that night. Usually, we bought the game, which is why our game storage now looks like this:
We store our games inside of a large buffet, so there are even games behind some of these that you can't see. And, this is only one side of the buffet! We love games! Some of our all-time favorites are:
Phase 10
Killer Uno
The Great Dalmuti
Othello (Andrew)
Beyond Balderdash (Andrew really loves this one!)
Mad Gab (Andrew)
Rummikub (Brianna)
Taboo (Brianna)
So, next time you finding yourself wandering the aisles of a thrift store with $5 burning a hole in your pocket, go to the game section and look for UpWords. If you don't like it, just give it right back to the store and feel good about donating $5 to your favorite thrift store!

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