Super Jessica

I'm a little behind with posting, so I will try to catch up this week, but sometimes, I feel like all of our pictures are the same: Jessica playing in the snow. I found some more. Sometimes, it is too cold to play outside, or we just want to change it up a little, so we decide to play inside, and about a month ago, Jessica learned about flying with a cape on. It is always more fun to go running down the hallway when you are wearing a cape (also known as dad's t-shirt).

Dad wanted to help her really fly!

And well, I kind of didn't want to add this in because I look a little funny, but , this is who I am. I might as well admit it and let the world know.

Since that first night of flying, Jessica has decided she loves the role of Super Hero, and she requests her cape often. We converted to a red cape, and she loves it!

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