Spring in Alaska

I'm a little behind, because officially, Spring started March 21. But, there was a lot of snow in Alaska this year, so things were different. And since it is our first Alaskan Spring, we had no idea what to expect. So far, we've experienced a lot of sun, some mud and dirt (mostly the dirt was experienced inside...I was seriously sweeping multiple times each day and it still was never clean!), puddles, rain, and now, more sun. We love the sun, although we are having a hard time adjusting to so much light! We never know when to go to bed, and Jessica is waking up way too early some days!

But, now our yard is snow free (and has been for a few weeks), but I wanted to share the transformation with you. Dates are posted below the pictures.

April 10

April 16...aren't puddles fun? I think Jessica wished we had more this year.
April 16
April 30...look what two weeks can do!

Oh, one more thing. I love the moss! I didn't realize how much I missed moss, but really, in Washington, where I grew up, moss was everywhere. It is fun to see it again!

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