So long Alaska!

Well, we moved again! Our time in Alaska was short lived, but a great adventure! Andrew's position was laid off at work, but fortunately, he found another position quickly in Utah. We moved in August, and our last Alaskan summer was amazing! 

So now, while we are learning to love our lives in Utah we are still missing Alaska and all of this:

And yep...we are even missing a little of this!

A record...

I had a goal to not write on the blog for six months, but I just couldn't stick with it...I knew everyone was dying to know what we've been up to!

So, I really need to do a recap because we have had some pretty exciting things around here. Here is a brief recap, and maybe I will go into more details about some of them later.

October- We took a short family vacation to Seward, Alaska...and loved it! Jessica's favorite parts were the pool and alligator (elevator) in the hotel. Jessica wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween, so after making the first costume way too small, I got it right. Moose loved his costume too.

November- We went to the zoo! And we brined a turkey for the first time ever for Thanksgiving, and ate pie with friends. Oh, but unfortunately  my pump (Brianna) for my diabetes messed up twice and stopped giving insulin right, so my blood sugar was so high it made me feel sick and I got no pie.

December- This was a busy month! So many fun things and late, late nights. We were working on a huge Christmas project...a play kitchen for Jessica. It was a lot of work (mostly Andrew's) and a lot of fun!

January- We celebrated Jessica's half birthday in style...with half a cake. She is thrilled to be 2 1/2 and now tells everyone (well, kids, she doesn't talk to anyone else really) that she is almost 3.

February- We left the cold and snow behind and went to Hawaii for a week with Andrew's parents! It was a great trip, we were roasting and loving the warmth, and Jessica loved spending time at the beach playing in the sand and waves, and entertaining her Grandma and Grandpa.

March- So far, so good. We actually have another very short trip planned to Seward with some friends next week and we are so excited for a break from our routine. Winter gets long in Alaska. We are hoping for an early spring...but if it doesn't happen, we will enjoy our snow castle a little longer.

Don't worry...we will be back before next October. We have been in a we-like-to-do-things-ourselves mode and have been building and making projects, so we want to blog about it. Hopefully soon. Until we do, just spread the word that we are still hoping to adopt!