Random Facts About Us


-He plays the guitar.
-He loves to tell stories and jokes.
-He is the middle of seven children.
-He can make the biggest frown in the world!
-He has a hitchhiker’s thumb.
-His favorite color is green.
-He likes to eat spicy food, especially Indian Curry.
-He served a mission for the LDS Church in the Canada Vancouver Mission in British Columbia.
-He can make some great paper airplanes.
-He likes to sing; especially in quartets (he is a first bass/baritone).
-He loves to fish.
-He likes to go canoeing. And now we have one!
-His idea of a good day often includes working with tools in the garage.
-He likes to play Ultimate Frisbee.
-He had a green iguana named Bradley (after Shawn Bradley who played basketball at BYU).
-He loves to eat shrimp.
-He can count to three in Japanese.
-He has worn glasses since he was about 3 years old.


-She has never broken or sprained any bones.
-She likes growing a garden, but doesn’t like many cooked vegetables.
-She is the middle of nine children.
-Her favorite color is blue.
-She loves to watch movies, because that means she can also make popcorn...and she loves popcorn!
-She loves to read Harry Potter.
-She loves dogs.
-She has Type 1 Diabetes and an insulin pump.
-She loves chocolate and ice cream (not the sugar free varieties).
-She loves to bake.
-She likes using coupons and saving money.
-She loves middle names.
-She has never had her ears pierced.
-She had an albino guinea pig named Squeaker.
-She can listen to the same song, or set of songs over and over again if she likes them.
-She loves to drink water.
-She used to have a stamp collection when she was younger.
-She has better than 20/20 vision...for now.


-She was born on the 4th of July!
-She joined our family through the miracle of adoption!
-She loves strawberries
-She loves to dress up, especially if she can be a princess or a bride.
-She loves to read books.
-Her favorite place to be is outside...even in the snow.
-She likes to exercise on the swing set by climbing all over it and trying to do pull ups. She says she is building her muscles.
-She has slept through a car alarm going off right next to her.
-She loves flying on airplanes.
-She loves to watch movies, and does not like to be interrupted during those movies.
-She loves to make faces (like Andrew) and is learning how to move her eyebrows and flare her nostrils.
-She loves to dance.
Her favorite song is "Go away star." Haven't heard of it? Too bad...she wrote it herself.

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