Two Years Old!!!

That's right...we have a two-year old in the house! Unbelievable! 

trying to hold up those fingers to show she is is a hard skill to learn
Our birthdays are all back to back...Andrew's in May, Brianna's in June, and Jessica's in July. So, with all of these celebrations we've had lately, Jessica learned how to sing "Happy Birthday to you..." And then, we got a book from the library that mentioned a birthday cake, and she kept asking us about her birthday cake. One day I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, brown or white; her response was, "chocolate." Her requested frosting was pink. And she got it! For the record, I would love to know how to decorate cakes; it looks so fun and I get excited about it. But, we don't eat much cake, so, I don't practice much, and this cake was an adventure that I was very worried about. It didn't look so great, my cake pans are horrible, and the cake was lopsided. But, the cake was delicious and Jessica loved it.

Jessica's birthday is on the 4th of July, but we really didn't celebrate much of that holiday this year. We had gone on an all day wildlife cruise the day before and we were exhausted! We slept in, opened presents, skyped with Jessica's birth parents and birth family and enjoyed hanging out together. 

This was the first time Jessica really enjoyed opening presents and then actually wanted to play with those presents. That was fun.

Skyping with Jessica's birth family. She didn't sit still for long. Instead she wanted to show off and go down the slide and race down the hallway.
We ate a delicious birthday meal and a delicious birthday cake and ended the night with some fireworks that were actually all poppers. We bought a pack at the store and didn't realize until we were getting ready to light them that none of them were the kind you can light...just pull the string and pop! It was a little bit of a disappointment, but we pulled out some bubbles and all was well.