Christmas...cold, but good!

We had a great Christmas here in Colorado, but it really was cold! We didn't get much snow, but we got plenty of COLD wind!

Here are the top 5 things we did over our Christmas break:

5-We worked on and finished two puzzles! These weren't just any puzzle. One of them was a hard puzzle; the picture was of about 25 popsicles piled on top of each other. It was harder than it sounds...see for yourself.
We had a fun surprise on Christmas when we found that Andrew's family gave us two puzzles as gifts. We finished one of those as well but we made record time on that one. Puzzles are a great thing to do when it is freezing cold outside!

4-On and around Christmas, we were able to talk to nearly all the members of our family! It was fun to visit, tell stories, and hear about everyone's Christmas. It really was a lot of people because there are nine kids in Brianna's family and seven in Andrew's.

3-Christmas goodies and caroling! Every year at Christmas, Andrew's family (mom) makes and delivers cookie dough to everyone in town! The list keeps getting bigger every year, and it really seems like she makes 100 pounds of cookie dough! They are really good cookies though. Brianna's family has always made a lot of different kinds of cookies and candy which we then would deliver to people while we went caroling. We decided we wanted to do something too, so every year we like to make a load of goodies and deliver them.
This year, we made 11 different treats and took them to about 20 families. We even caroled...at one house! It is hard to be as excited about caroling when your choir consists of only two people!

A few of the specialty items were: good little almond thingys, butterscotch fudge, russian teacakes (peppermint and normal), truffles, rocky road, and almond roca.
2-One of Andrew's favorite parts of the break were his visits to the garage to work with his tools. As mentioned in a previous post, his parents gave him the other half of a canoe (it is hard using half a canoe). But, what good is a whole canoe if it can only sit or hang in a garage? So he also got a car rack for Christmas. And he had to make a way to secure the canoe to the car rack, so he built a little wooden frame that will fasten to the rack.

The purpose of this wooden contraption is to eliminate the side-to-side movement of the canoe while driving down the road. (In the picture below: in the side view, you can imagine the side of a canoe fitting perfectly in the slot. Then, we will slide the white piece of wood over the edge of the canoe and tighten the wingnut, which will hold the canoe in place.) He also has ample tie-downs in the front and back to ensure that we don't create an airborne canoe while going down the road.

1-So what was the top thing we did over Christmas break? Probably staying up late watching movies and sleeping in! We have gotten a lot of sleep the last few days, and it will be difficult getting back to a regular schedule! All in all, we've had a great time!

Oh yeah...how do you like Andrew's new glasses?

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