St.Basil's Cathedral over Christmas Break

Andrew and I have been married for four years and seven months, (well, in three days it will be seven months) but guess what? We have never completed a puzzle together...until today. We felt like doing one at Thanksgiving, but we didn't have any. The other night, we were at the Dollar Store and saw some, so we picked up a few. Here was our first. It was 350 pieces for ages 12 and up, but when we first opened up the package, and saw all those tiny pieces, suddenly we felt like five-year-olds. After a little organization, and getting over our intial fear of the puzzle, we actually had fun and stayed up till midnight before we decided it was time to go to bed. Something happens when it is late at night and you are staring at 350 tiny colorful pieces that all look the same...your brain stops working!
Just so you know, we finished it off the next day. It went a lot quicker when we were awake. Here is Andrew with the last piece!

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