Gingerbread trailer house, A-frames and more...

Andrew here: So each year we like to make gingerbread houses just for fun. This year we decided to use graham crackers rather than gingerbread because it is a lot easier and a little bit quicker. It just gives you more time to do the bulk of the fun part: decking out the house with tons of candy and stuff. So here is the shipment of lumber that we used in constructing our houses. We are in charge of the Young Single Adult Family Home Evening Group in our Ward and we though this would make a neat thing to do with everyone. So we went out and got tons of candy and other building supplies so we could create some amazing architectural designs. We actually did this on two nights, so the first night, I created a trailer house. The pretzels on top are the television antenna.

The next time, both Brianna and I made different houses. Here is my masterpiece A-frame:
Here is Brianna's drafty but great gingerbread house:

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