I am The Great Dalmuti

Andrew here. Over New Years, we visited my family for a few days in Utah and had a bit of fun. Basically we sat around all day playing games, eating food, telling stories, and laughing. It was a good time!
Some of the top games we played while we were there were The Great Dalmuti and an old computer game that we had growing up called Scorched Earth ("the mother of all games"). Have you ever played any of these games? Well, if you have, they are both a lot of fun. If you haven't, don't let the titles throw you off; they are pretty fun games. So The Great Dalmuti is a card game that is similar to Scum where people have different positions or ranks depending on who wins or loses each hand. After acquiring some basic skills in this game it became quite competitive. We even took it to the extreme of wearing certain hats depending on what rank you were. The Great Dalmuti wore the King's crown, 2nd in command was the Viking, the Greater Peon (lowest) wore the Jester hat, and the 2nd lowest wore the three-cornered hat. Anyways, we had a lot of fun playing it. When you get a talkative family around a table playing a funny game, it is just a lot of fun!

Here are some pictures from the game:
(l to r: Andrew's dad Orrin, brother Grant, Andrew the Great Dalmuti, and brother Jon)
You can't always be the Great Dalmuti.
There are a lot of emotions in this game!
Andrew's brother Grant was a Viking in a former life.

Scorched Earth was one of our favorite games growing up (when I say our, I mean my siblings, but especially the boys in our family). The game has very basic graphics. The best way to help you visualize what it is like is if you are looking at your computer screen and you were to draw a zig-zaggy line across the screen. Then put a few dots along the line. Those dots are the tanks and the zig-zag line is the mountainous terrain in which the tanks are situated in. You can buy all sorts of different weapons to shoot at the other tanks and you win a round by blowing up the other tanks. As we were playing this game, it brought back so many fun memories of sitting on a wooden bench for hours in front of the computer playing this game. As we were selecting the weapons to buy it was fun remembering how some of the weapons were just like cheating because it made it really easy to get the other tank. For example, picturing the same terrain I just explained with the zig-zag line; if you were one of the unlikely tanks at the bottom of the hill, all it took was a simple weapon called a Baby Roller and you were done for. The way rollers work is that you aim your barrel anywhere on the hill above the tank and when you shoot it and it hits the hill, it just rolls all the way down to the bottom and blows up the tank. So it is kind of fun sometimes when you go first and you're not the tank at the bottom.

Some of my other favorite weapons are the MIRV and the Baby Sandhog (the Baby Sandhog costs less than a regular Sandhog; this game taught me how to be frugal from an early age). Also, you can't forget parachutes. Parachutes will make you last a lot longer in the game. Without going into too much detail, the game is just a lot of fun!

After playing a few rounds of this, we realized we were boring everyone else and we needed to go back to playing The Great Dalmuti.

(from l to r in this picture: Grant, Robbie, me, and Jon)

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