Living in a Winter Wonderland!

I have always loved winter. Well, I love fall too, and spring, but really, I love winter. I love when the snow covers everything and makes everything beautiful! And it is probably a good thing I love snow, because there is a lot of it here! Our back yard has over 3 feet of snow in some areas, and there is a pile in front of our house that grows every time they plow our driveway. It is now taller than Andrew in some spots!

Jessica is now starting to like the snow too. She learned how to say the word "snow" and the first few weeks here she was saying it all the time because she was always surrounded by snow. But, she actually was a little worried by the snow, especially if she had to walk in it for more than one minute, or if she slid and fell down, or if she got any snow on her pants. I wanted her to enjoy it, so something had to change. One day, we decided to have some fun in our back yard! Andrew had already dug out one path to our shed, but I dug out another path to our tree. Then, I built a snow chair for her. And then, we went sledding. Well, she went sledding. Basically, sledding consists of putting her on a mound of snow in our yard, counting to three, and pulling her down. She loves it! Andrew dug out a few more paths, and I carved out a sledding hill for her, so she can really sled now. I love that we can now all go outside and enjoy the snow.

Oh yeah...the other great thing about this winter wonderland? You can use your snow shoes to explore your back yard!

Not only is it a lot of fun (although really, we have no idea what we are doing yet)...it is much better than attempting to walk around the yard...although that was fun too!

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  1. The depth of snow reminds me of home! Do you think it melts in May? or maybe June?