Age: 34

Height: 6’5”

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown

Hobbies & Interests: canoeing, singing, fishing, telling jokes, working with tools and fixing things, and watching movies in fast forward
first and last time dipnetting for salmon as an Alaskan resident
Education: Bachelor of Science—Recreation Management and Youth Leadership

Employment: Boy Scouts of America (really), he works in Fundraising for a local Boy Scout Council

Jessica helping dad rewire the house

I am the fourth of seven children and was raised in Alpine, Utah. We always had a lot of fun growing up and I still love to tell stories about those times today. I served a mission in the Canada Vancouver Mission in British Columbia. After my mission, I attended BYU and received my degree there and graduated in 2006. We then packed up everything we owned in a big U-Haul and moved to Colorado and I started working for the Boy Scouts. I worked for the BSA for ten years and we moved around the country a little bit. We have lived in Colorado, Nebraska, Alaska, and now Utah, and I just recently started a new career with LDS Philanthropies. I enjoy fishing and the outdoors. I love to sing and am a baritone; I have sung in choirs since I was in 9th grade. I like to work with tools, fix things, build stuff and work on projects. Humor is a big part of my life and I try to find something funny every day. Having a sense of humor makes life enjoyable.

staining Jessica's bed that he built
What Brianna has to say about Andrew:

So, obviously, I like Andrew because I married him, but honestly, pretty much everybody likes Andrew. I actually can't think of anyone who doesn't...but I don't know everyone in the world. He is such a people person, and can really make everyone feel comfortable. At the same time, he is brutally honest, but that just makes you like him more because you know he won't lie to you. Andrew is a great husband! He helps with the dishes, takes Jessica on daddy daughter dates, and likes to fix things whenever they aren't working quite right. When I am stressed, he helps me sort out my life and prioritize things. He is a great example of service and he serves well in the Church. He is a great dad too and Jessica loves him! You can often find her climbing on his back, jumping on him, sitting on his foot asking him to carry her around, or riding on his shoulders. She loves to pull out his tools to fix things and help him while he is fixing up things around the house. And, I almost forgot that one of their favorite activities is making faces. Andrew can move his eyebrows like crazy and he has been teaching Jessica how to do the same. 

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