While Andrew likes to talk, an ideal day for Brianna would be curling up with a good book and some ice cream, and not leaving home. She still enjoys visiting and being social, but she also loves being at home and taking it easy. Some of her favorite things are making delicious food and trying out new recipes, growing a garden, and finding good deals. 

Brianna is an amazing mom and is able to stay at home with the girls and helps out at Jessica's school a bit too. She likes making crafts with Jessica, which often involve accessories for her dolls, reading books with both girls, and having dance parties, especially if they involve glow sticks. 

She grew up in Washington, and was the well adjusted middle child of nine kids. They grew up on a small farm, where they had fun playing and working hard, and where she learned to love animals and especially dogs. Random fact about Brianna: she went skydiving once, but it was a surprise for her, and not a good surprise. Never again!