Adalynn is almost two and it amazes us how much she seems to learn each day. She loves animals, cars, babies, and books. She is a busy girl who doesn't like sitting still, in a shopping cart, stroller, or car seat. Even the high chair is getting tricky these days. If she had her way, she would run everywhere!

She likes to talk, although most words sound the same or are made up words for now. She loves to dance and pretend to sing. Her facial expressions are fun and we love watching her have fun.

Adalynn is mostly nice to Jessica, except for the occasional pinch and trying to learn how to share. She is good at giving hugs and wants to be just like her big sister. She is often a mama's girl, but she might pick our family dog, Lady, as her best friend.

Random fact about Adalynn: she hated baby food as a baby and when her doctor said to try giving her medicine in applesauce, we fed it to her in some chili instead. She loved it.