Jessica is a fun girl who loves to snuggle, read, do crafts, and play. She is now in third grade, and loves being with friends, but she is also ready to come home and play as soon as school is done. You can often find her with her nose stuck in a book...and sometimes it feels like her ears are in that book too because when she reads, she is in another world! Jessica loves to play games; Twister and The Game of Life are some of her favorites. 

She is a great big sister most of the time, and wants to teach Adalynn everything from colors to how to play the piano. Adalynn loves when she gets home from school for the day and runs up to her for a big hug when she gets back. 

We have an open adoption with Jessica's birth family and love to be able to stay in touch with them and visit them. We are blessed to have so many who love her and our family. 

Random fact about Jessica: she likes collecting all kinds of things and often has bags of these collections throughout the house. One time, she collected an extra set of car keys that we found months later, after we sold the car.