Minute to Win It ritz cracker style

Andrew has always gotten a second wind at nighttime. He seems to be full of energy and wants to start a late movie, play a game, or just talk all night. Brianna has adjusted to this as well, and we both seem to get a little funny at night sometimes. Our craziest ideas come after 10 pm. Last week we made homemade bouncy balls and bounced them all over the kitchen (they didn't work too well, but it was still fun). A few weeks ago, we got new phonebooks, so we watched youtube videos on how to rip a phonebook in half, and then proceeded to rip all four phone books in our house in half. We recorded that one too, so we will have to work on posting them later.

But, these movies are some of our favorites! Last year, Brianna was planning up an activity for church doing some Minute to Win It games and we decided to try them right then...and started the Face Off. Only we had no Oreo cookies, so we used ritz crackers. And of course, we had to document it. We still love watching these videos! 

First up...Andrew!

Pretty good, right? Well check this out?

Okay, how about another attempt? 

I did get it eventually, but we obviously don't document everything around here! Now, go try it out! It is harder than it looks, but it is really fun! We are planning on doing it for our next family reunion!

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