Monday, Monday

This is Brianna, and usually my Mondays consist of laundry, cleaning, and planning up our week. Today, we took a detour in honor of Valentine's day and made a mess instead! We glued doilies and hearts and stuck stickers to a lot of paper valentines! It was fun and Jessica loved it, so we actually worked on them for over an hour.

Tonight, for our family night activity we were making mailbox paper bags for our family valentines...which meant our kitchen table looked like this two different times today. I still haven't cleaned up from the second mess.

And while paper and stickers are always fun, crayons are more fun! Especially when you are breaking crayons into little pieces with a mallet and making your own special heart shaped crayons! 

I have wanted to do these for awhile, and finally Jessica was old enough to help out and be excited about them, so we did it. Maybe we should make every Monday our arts and crafts day instead of laundry day...it was a fun start to our week!

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