Why wait for Halloween to dress up?

Over Memorial Day, Andrew's extended family had a huge family reunion. It was a lot of fun, food, and family all in one weekend! We went to a big lodge in Heber City, Utah with a pond to go fishing and boating, a pool, and a lot of space to play and run around. One night, we had a talent show, and Andrew's family did a fun rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." A few people had some giraffe pants, and other jungle animal pants, so they said to wear them if you wanted. 

Well, Jessica has some zebra pants, but we are a little extreme I guess, so we couldn't stop there. We figured we should be all be zebras. We bought some shirts, spray paint, used a lot of tape, and we became the zebra family!

Nice looking shirts, right? Well, after posting this I realized we love dressing up whenever we get a chance! I decided to find a few pictures from some past occasions. I wish I had some pictures from my high school homecoming week days (this is Brianna). I wasn't one of the students with the most high school spirit, but I loved to dress up, so I did. The best ones were when I dressed up as Cupid, and as the batmobile (which was awesome and difficult at the same time...I carried around a cardboard car all day long), and when I wore my little brother's pajamas and horse slippers for pajama day. I don't know how those pajamas fit.

Anyway, the other dress ups are here. Enjoy!

This one was more recent, from our Cub Scout Pack Meeting, and the theme had something to do with Wild West, so we threw some stuff together last minute. Nice belt buckles, huh? And Jessica's awesome Jessie costume? Construction paper and packaging tape!

Andrew's parents have a closet full of dress ups...which is always fun for Sunday dinner or holiday entertainment!

Okay, so this was from Halloween, but still...it was impressive, because we actually had our first adoption meeting with our new caseworker in Utah on this day, and we all went to the meeting wearing our costumes. And then afterwards, we went to get our fingerprints done in costume. And in case you can't tell, Andrew and I are Gus and Jaq, Cinderella's mice friends. 

This one is fun because Jessica started it and put the mustache on by herself and then brought Andrew the other one. And well, it is so cute!

And this one is the classic. The extreme of the extreme Halloween costume. I went as a Lego, but Andrew wanted to be an old man, and he shaved his head to do it! That isn't a wig, we shaved it to look bald and then sprayed it white. Then, after HalloweenI shaved it all off so he didn't look too weird! 

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