Family Time!

One of the things we love about Andrew's job here is that he is home on the weekends. Occasionally he has a meeting or event, but nothing like before. We love seeing him on Saturday and having him home during the evenings! So, to celebrate our weekends, we've been doing some fun things.

A few weeks ago, we decided to go check out a park in Anchorage and feed the ducks and geese...and then run around like crazy!

Another weekend, we went to the Anchorage Museum and were there for hours! We were all exhausted when we left, but it was so much fun. We loved learning about the history of Alaska and were amazed by everything we saw. They have a section on the different Alaskan Native tribes and it was amazing...did you know they made parkas out of seal intestines? They did. And they were amazing. Our favorite part was the Imaginarium which is the Kids section and Science section. It was great...we made a lot of huge bubbles, tried some fun experiments, watched some fish and a turtle, and had a great time!

And although it is fun to get out and about, sometimes, we just like hanging out in our yard in our favorite place...the hammock! For those of you not in Alaska, please know that it is still fun to be outside when you need a coat and hat.

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  1. Those museum pics are awesome! That look like an amazing place. And Brianna, I love the photo of you holding Jessica at the park. Adorable!