May 2012

I wanted to give this post an exciting title, but I couldn't think of anything clever except, "May we tell you about our May?" and that just sounds weird, so May 2012 it is. May was a busy, busy month and I can't believe it is over. We've already posted about a few of our adventures, but here is the major synopsis of the month.

We had our first Families Supporting Adoption (FSA) Activity! Andrew and I were involved with FSA when we lived in Colorado, but they didn't have a group here in Alaska, so we volunteered to start one. It will be a smaller group, but we are really excited to be involved! We started out with a bang...and a pinata to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I made this, and unfortunately only took pictures when I was building the pinata, and none of the finished, un-destroyed pinata. Anyway, pinatas are a lot of work...but it looked awesome.

Jessica and Brianna seem to be outside every day...except when it is too rainy. But our Spring has been great so far and Jessica loves the toys at the parks and playgrounds near our home. Anytime we walk or drive past some toys (in a park or backyard), Jessica wants to play on them.

Or, we just stay at home and play in the backyard. Playing with water is a lot of fun...and much better than digging up mom's flowers.

Brianna got a haircut...and Andrew did too, although his are pretty regular occurrences, so now, Jessica says she wants to get a haircut all the time. We appeased her with a new hairstyle. I love it! She looks so dang cute! (Ignore the cracker crumbs on her face...it was snack time!)

For Mother's day weekend, we got to do video chat with Andrew's siblings, Hillary and Robbie, who are both on missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was fun to see them and chat! Jessica loves making faces on the computer.

Andrew had a week long training in Colorado, BUT, about two days before, he found out he didn't have to go! We were all thrilled! Instead, we enjoyed each other, and helped some friends move.

And, Andrew had Memorial Day off work, so we decided to tour Anchorage. We went to the Alaska Wild Berry Park to see the world's tallest chocolate waterfall...which had around 3,000 pounds of chocolate, but wasn't as big as we thought. (Sorry these pictures are not great quality. We didn't realize our camera had been changed to .03 pixels...)

We also saw some reindeer, got a few mosquito bites, and enjoyed some ice cream! Jessica has been getting spoiled with ice cream lately. The other day when we were coming home for lunch, she looked at me and said, "ice cream time!"

We also did a lot of walking that day, visited Earthquake Park, and went along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail for awhile. We started the trail at Earthquake Park and noticed that part of the trail was on the beach, so we thought we'd go that way to visit the beach too. Unfortunately, I (Brianna) was looking at the map, and well, I've never been good with directions. Sometimes I forget what way is right and left, so I really can't  even begin to understand North, South, East, and West. Anyway, we went the wrong way...which I realized at the end of the trail. But, it was a beautiful walk, and after we headed back to our car, we decided to drive to another section of the beach instead. All's well that ends well, right?

We love living near a beach with mountains in the background...oh wait, we just love living near the beach!

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