A Tale of Two Cones

On Saturday, I (Andrew) had an all day event for work and Brianna got to come too. By the time we left, it was late afternoon and we were tired and ready to head home; but we had an hour and a half to drive. I figured a nice way to say thank you to Brianna for spending all day at this event with me would be to go out and get some ice cream. This was going to be a treat because usually if we buy ice cream we buy a half gallon at the grocery store, so we can have it a lot longer instead of just one time.

We both got small cones; I got vanilla and Brianna got chocolate. I stood, waiting at the counter for them to bring out the ice cream. Two different employees ended up making the ice cream cones, and apparently, they had very different opinions about the size of a small cone. They handed me the cones, but something was wrong! Brianna’s cone was three times the size of mine! The cones cost the same amount, but there was a very noticeable difference in the size, so I stood there, holding the cones out in front of me, and said, “Really?” The employee who made Brianna’s cone looked shocked, and said to the other employee, “You must have been making a kid cone.” He looked pretty annoyed, took the cone, and went back to the ice cream machine to add another blob to make it a little bigger.

Even though Brianna’s small cone was still bigger than my small cone, I figured it was as big as it was going to get. We sat down, smiled, and ate ice cream. Brianna was nice enough to share some of her chocolate ice cream with me. The moral of the story is, the next time we want ice cream, we will just go to the grocery store to buy a half gallon there. Things will probably work out better that way.

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