The Great Race

Well, we didn't win first or second place this year in the Pinewood Derby, but we figured we would still post about it because we did have fun! And, our cars look amazing!

As you may already know from this post, Andrew's car was "The Lightning Bolt" and Brianna built the best looking race car in the world. Here are some more pictures of our painting process.

Andrew made some cool looking wheels as well, by painting inside the spokes, and then he wiped off the paint on the lines.

And here are the finished products:

A whole lot of planning, time, and masking tape went into making these stripes. Also, in case you can't tell, that is a plastic spoon on top of the car (Andrew's great idea).

The Pinewood Derby, as always was crazy, but lots of fun! There are so many kids who come to race a car or just watch. Combine a lot of kids with a lot of energy and a lot of popcorn, and you've got one heck of mess to clean up...and a great adventure! There were other adults who raced cars too, but not as many. I guess we are just big little kids! There were 32 cars that raced in the Open Class race, and out of 32, we both did better than half the other cars! Brianna tied for 10th place and Andrew got 14th!

Here are some other pictures from the night to document that we did win a few races. And if you really want to see something cool, watch the movie clips we recorded on our camera. Disclaimer: Brianna here and this is the first real time I've recorded a movie on our camera. I turned the camera on its side because then I could get the whole track. Unfortunately, videos can't be rotated as easily as pictures. So, please, turn your screen or your head to the side, and you will enjoy the movies a lot more!

There really is another car here...Andrew's was so fast, that the other car is still racing; hidden behind the sign.

This is Brianna's car...watch how speedy it is!

Here is Andrew's close race:

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