Best Dad Ever!

This post is dedicated to Andrew because he is the best dad ever! I was looking at our pictures tonight and I'm hardly in any of them...probably because these two have so much fun together (and also because I am sometimes taking the pictures). Here are a few of their fun times:

Daddy daughter dates are the best! We all love them around here.

Jessica wanted to try out some craft googly eyes for her own eyes, and it looked so fun Andrew tried it too. They both love making faces!

See that sled? Andrew built it out of skis, wood, and rope. He built it so he and Jessica could go sledding together. Good thing it snowed a lot this winter...it got a lot of use!

This was an unofficial take your daughter to work day and Andrew loved having her there, and even let her play with some flarp (okay, I sent it with her). All went well, until...

...oops, flarp and hair don't mix well. He did his best to get it out, but fortunately, I was able to get her right away and get that stuff out with a bath.

 Park day daddy daughter date!

Another sledding trip...another funny face!

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