Greatest FHE Ever

Our Family Home Evenings are pretty fast these days. Jessica is okay with looking at a few pictures, but then she wants to go explore. But, earlier this month we had a great FHE. I'm sure it was her favorite one...and we liked it too. We had a water fight!

I bought a few squirt guns on clearance, grabbed a tub of water, our lone splash bomb, and we went to town. I wasn't sure how she would do and if she'd get scared that Andrew and I were yelling and chasing each other around the yard, but she didn't mind at all. Most of the time, she was intrigued by the tub of water. We have had some problems now...every time we get a cup of water (or juice, or milk) to drink, she thinks it is a great thing to stick her hand in and splash around. But, even with that, it was worth it.

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