An Artist in the Family

Last Wednesday, I pulled out the crayons for Jessica to try coloring. I figured she was probably too young to really get it, and she'd probably try to eat the crayons, but hey, that is part of growing up right? And coloring is so fun! I'm excited for when she really likes it, because I actually love coloring. People would probably think I was a little weird if I went and bought a bunch of crayons and coloring books for myself, but now, I have someone to color with! But, anyway, back to the story.

Earlier in the week, at church, she had grabbed my notebook and opened it up, and was holding a pen in her hand, and I noticed it looked just like she was writing. So, I figured, hey, maybe she is a little ready. First I gave her the bag of crayons, and she was pretty impressed, as you can tell.

Then, I pulled out a few crayons, and showed her what to do. She only put them in her mouth twice, and as soon as I told her they were icky, she decided she agreed with me and took them out. At first, she was only slightly impressed, but she got into it a little more. Want to see the masterpieces?

This is the first one we did together...Jessica drew the lighter lines.

But this one, she did on her own.

Beautiful isn't it? I think we've got an artist in the family! Oh, and she's also a climber. She has mastered climbing onto the rocking chair and it is her favorite spot in the house to stand sit.

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