Top 6 at almost 6

We had a good week last week. Here are some of our favorite things that happened this week, in no particular order:

1-A snowstorm out of nowhere dumped a bit of snow on us and made for a cold few days during the week. The snow we get out here is really light and fluffy stuff and just blows all over the place. It is the kind of snow that if you stamp your foot on it on a sidewalk it flies away leaving a large exaggerated footprint.
We know there is not a lot of snow out there, but for this area, this is the most snow that we have had since we moved here in October 2008! It's always fun to see how long some of these icicles can get!

2-We watched the first Harry Potter movie this week, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We had recently just watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, so it was fun to compare the two. Those kids look so little in the first movie!

3- Andrew here...for the last several months we have been planning up a recognition dinner for all of the volunteers that I work with in this area. This last week it seemed like there were a bunch of small things that needed to happen in order to have things ready. Sometimes those small things are the ones that can drive you crazy. One of the best parts of the preparing for this event was that I got to make some of the plaques to give as awards. Anytime I can work in the garage with tools it is a good thing...even if it is cold outside! Anyways, it was a successful event despite the snow storm, slick roads and dropping temperatures. The whole evening went smoothly and everyone had a good time.

4-Backgammon is one of our favorite games and we got to play it a lot this week. It is a fun game, but it doesn't seem very common. Andrew learned how to play it in 2006 and we've been enjoying it ever since.

5-Yesterday we made some Orange Chicken for dinner. It was delicious! We love it, and because it was a Sunday, we were both home and got to make it together.

6-Brianna here...my brother, Shilo, returned home from his mission for the LDS Church! He was serving in the Mendoza, Argentina Mission, and the seasons are reversed, so he just came from summer and is a little cold, but doing well. (Sorry the picture is so small and blurry...I don't have an updated one, so I took it from my sister's pictures).

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