Better late than never, right? I hope so! We had a great Halloween this year and had so much fun planning up our costumes. When Andrew was in high school, one of his friends dressed up like a security guard and shaved part of his hair...the part in the middle, so he would look like he was losing his hair. Since then, Andrew has wanted to do this, so he decided to dress up as an old man. I (Brianna) was a lego block. I was hoping to go as an ear of corn, but after days of planning and creating, I didn't get very far, and changed my mind.

Here are the pictures of Andrew's transformation. At first he thought he only needed 1/4 inch of hair left, but it wasn't enough, so we had to leave only 1/8 inch of hair. We shaved it all off when we got home from our church party. Now, he is always freezing!

The Lego. And trust me, you have to be strong to be a Lego...it really hurt my arms. It was a little awkward, especially when I needed to get a drink of water from the drinking fountain.

And here we are enjoying each other, as always. We've been married for four and a half wonderful years...but it feels like 40!
Here are our pumpkins. We grew them in our garden, so they were even more fun to carve than normal!

Andrew's is on the left, and Brianna's is on the right. Oh, and guess what? Andrew carved both sides! Here is the other view...

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